Keeping promises.

We’ve built our reputation on consistent, reliable, and timely deliveries.

We never stop.

Continuous growth. Constant communication. Always improving. Always being there when you need us.

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Compressed and Liquid Gas Delivery Experts.

It would be ideal if everything could go according to plan. But at Legend, we deliver fuel in the real world.

That means adapting to changing circumstances and having the willingness to leverage our resources to make stuff happen. We don’t hide from logistics challenges.

The only thing that rivals our expertise in logistics is our knowledge of the products we deliver.

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Become a Legend.

When the journey is made alone, the company you keep is all the more important. Driving for Legend means working with some of the most passionate team members in the Southern United States. Our drivers stay longer and recommend us because of the culture we have built.

For true professionals who want to stay busy, Legend is a company worth keeping.

By The Numbers.

Drove 25,506,000 miles last year.

Cover over 800,000 sq. miles of the Central United States.

Our fleet has a combined weight of 2,100,000 lbs.

98% driver retention rate since the beginning.

Compounded annual growth of 60% since the start of operations.

Moved ~180mio USG of LPG’s.

Our Delivery Area

Founding Story

The start of something good.

Frustrated by the inflexibility and bureaucracy of most companies, Shane Wittig decided to found Legend with the hope that a fresh attitude and outlook toward the industry would be well-received by both drivers and customers alike.

He was right.

Since its initial founding, Legend’s growth has continued to exceed expectations every year. With a desire to overcome the daily challenges of the modern logistics industry instead of avoiding them, Legend’s momentum continues to build.

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If ‘business as usual’ always got the job done, nothing would ever change. We’ve experienced rapid growth in such a short time because we know that ‘business as usual’ rarely meets the demands of companies operating in competitive landscapes.

We continue to grow because when we make things happen.


Legend will answer the call.

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