About Legend

The logistics industry.

Legend wasn’t started to revolutionize the logistics industry. By the time Legend opened its doors, the industry was already well-established. A few large corporations dominated the American logistics landscape.

The logistics industry stagnates

Companies that are on top of their industry for a long time can become complacent with doing business as usual. Its incentives change as well. Instead of working harder to find creative solutions, they may find reasons to say "no" to any opportunity that doesn't yield maximum gain for minimal effort.
A new perspective.

This was the corporate attitude that Shane Wittig left behind when he started Legend with a small group of like-minded logistics specialists. They had grown tired of the corporate routine, the resources wasted on finding objections instead of solutions and the growing separation between management, drivers and customers.

They wanted to create a logistics company that would replace “business as usual” with “accomplishing the extraordinary.”

Legend makes its name

Legend built its reputation one delivery at a time. Their fresh perspective was a welcome change to the logistics industry. They were able to provide customers with a new option when all else failed. By coming through on challenging opportunities, the accomplishments of Legend spread throughout the Southern United States. They quickly established themselves as the preferred logistics provider to those in the know.
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